How To Pass Roofing Inspections

Roofing inspections are a necessary part of completing a new house or making major repairs after a disaster such as a fire or other major storm damage. A roofing inspection is conducted to ensure that the roof is solid, stable and capable of preventing damage to the home in the face of the elements. Roofing inspections are an important part of the entire home building process.

With specific regard to roofing inspections, there are a number of factors that must be properly put into place if the home is to pass the inspection. The things an inspector will be looking for will largely be in regard to the overall safety of the construction of the home. Roofing supports must be properly put into place and must also be properly secured. This is accomplished by securing the supports to three separate points. Load bearing members must be secured to a second load bearing member as well as two other points that are capable of distributing the load in all directions. This forms a type of triangle, allowing the load of the roof to be properly distributed and supported throughout the rest of the home. This keeps the roof from collapsing.

The next key to passing a roofing inspection is to ensure that the roof itself has been properly secured against the elements. The roof must be in good condition and be free of damage which would cause further problems in the event of a storm. The condition of the roof as it appears on the exterior of the building as well as the condition of the decking will be taken into consideration. Furthermore, if the home has an attic the inspector will determine the condition of the roof on the interior side through the attic, ensuring that the roof is properly supported.

One of other important aspects to consider when making sure that a home can pass a roofing inspection is the condition of electrical wiring which goes through the attic and is often found near load bearing members on the interior side of the roof. While the roofing inspection is much more of a structural inspection, note will be made of any obvious problems and the home risks not being passed until these problems are also addressed. For this reason it is best to get any obvious issues that are near the roof taken care of before the roofing inspection takes place. Many individuals do not consider this to be a potential problem when scheduling a roofing inspection. Often the only issues that an individual worries about concern the roof itself. You will be doing yourself a favor if you will address any other concerns such as the electrical wiring problems before you schedule the routing inspection, as no home will pass an inspection with obvious problems that could be considered structural issues or issues related to other safety concerns.

By taking a few common sense precautions and ensuring that any and all work on the roof is done only by those who are certified carpenters and roofers, individuals can greatly reduce the typical stress involved when making sure that a home can pass a roofing inspection. Preparation is key. Rarely, problemss may still occur. However, if proper preparation has been put into place these problems are much more likely to be solved in a minimum amount of time. This goes a long way for reducing the headaches associated with passing on roofing inspection.