How To Fix Roof Leaks

It happens to everyone who owns a home. One day you’re sitting in your house enjoying television or a nice dinner Anarece drip coming from the ceiling. It’s been raining outside and you have a roof leak. You are kind of a do-it-yourselfer and you think that you can repair this yourself without having to spend thousands of dollars on the contractor. Here is how you can go about fixing your roof leak.

First of all before you go to the hardware store and purchase your materials that you need to fix your roof leak. You are going to need tar paper, matching shingles, a hammer, roofing nails or staples. You need to make sure that you’re able to access your roof either by a window on the second floor if it is a two story home or you may have to purchase a ladder at your hardware store. Make sure you get one that will easily reach your roof and can handle your weight.Make sure you spend the time carefully up on your roof trying to find your leak. Sometimes it’s easy to get into the attic and notice where the water has been dripping from in order to locate the source of the leak.If you’re still unable to find the leak notice were any water may have been dripping is possibly a good idea to take a small hammer and gently pound around to find any soft spots in the roof. This may be an indication of where your league originates from. Once you have found the source of the leak by either noticing where the water has been dripping from or soft spots in the roof and you’re able to begin the repair of your roof.

Now remove the existing shingles around the area where you perceive the damage to be. Sometimes it is necessary to scrape off the shingles with a flat headed shovel. It does not need to be a very long one. Then what you need to do is check the plywood to see if that is damaged. If it is damaged when you need to replace the plywood with new wood. Just cut a piece large enough to replace the area that had been damaged. If you need to replace the tarpaper over the plywood, do that first and then replace the shingles with matching shingles. Tack down the new shingles with either nails or staples and you should have fixed the roof leak.