How to Know It’s Time to Replace Your Siding

If you are beginning to look twice at your home’s sidings, then you must read this article. While replacing your siding may seem like an unnecessary hassle, not getting new siding when you need it could result in many long term problems. If you think you need new siding for your home, don’t wait until the problems with your siding begin to affect other parts of your home. If this is the case, then call a siding replacement company such as Virginia Roof and Siding to make sure your house will remain in good shape. Here is a list of things that show that your siding should be replaced.

The Siding Has Begun to Peel, Rot, or Dent

When your siding is starting to degrade the look of your home, it shows you that the siding has been on the home for a while and needs to be replaced. If the paint is peeling or rotting, then those problems will only get worse, which could result in a higher siding replacement. It’s best not to fix peeling paint with more paint because that paint will begin peeling faster than usual.

Your Heating and Cooling Bills begin to Increase

Here’s something that should encourage you to replace bad sidings. Your siding helps keep your house insulated, so if your siding is not keeping the hot or cold air in your house, then not getting new siding will only take money away from you. Your bills will continue rising, so considering the fact that you will eventually get new siding, every increased heater/air conditioner bill represents money that would have been saved.

You are Often Repainting Your Home

The rotting and peeling mentioned above is one way to detect bad siding, but many people avoid this issue by repainting their home to temporarily avoid getting new siding. This could be a good idea the first couple times you paint the house, but when painting the house becomes a yearly task, then it is in your best interest to get new siding. Doing that much work is time consuming and not worth it. Your time can be better spend doing something else. Also, many siding jobs are done so that you never have to paint your house again, which makes the deal so much better.

Inside Paint and Wallpaper are Peeling

This one may not seem obvious, but this shows you what can happen when outside elements get into your home. If you find imperfections in paint or wallpaper, then it is a good idea to look into new siding. If the elements are affecting your walls, then what else could they be doing to harm your interior?

These are all things to encourage you to get new siding. It can lower your energy bills, you will not have to work on your house as much, and you could be saving yourself from problems in the interior of your home. Thankfully, companies such as Virginia Roofing and Siding will be able to give you a free quote and will help determine if you need new siding. They provide quality work and many stylish options for you to choose from. By visiting their website at, your home will look nicer and you will not have to worry about the interior of your home.