4 Tips to Make Your Siding Last Longer

Siding is a building material that plays a vital role in the appearance and protection of your home. It works to protect your home against even the harshest elements and can withstand most of them, as long as it receives routine maintenance. Siding also factors into the appearance of your home, either adding to is aesthetic value or distracting from it if not cared for properly. Below are 4 tips to make the siding of your home last longer.

Routine cleaning

There are many different types of siding to choose from when it comes from your home, and as such, there are different methods that should be followed for cleaning and maintaining each one. For example, vinyl siding is more low maintenance than other siding materials and only needs to be cleaned around twice a year. Cleaning the siding of your home will help reduce the likelihood of dust or stains tarnishing the color of your siding. Also, making sure to clean the siding on a routine basis will help keep any corrosive chemicals from staying on the siding and attacking the surface of the siding. Preventive measures such as routine cleaning will work towards the longevity of your siding.

 Avoid bashing

One way to prolong the life of the siding on your home is to reduce the likelihood of it getting damaged via bashing. You can do this by ensuring that there are no materials near your siding that could result in the siding getting smacked. If the siding suffers from a strong enough impact, it could cracking or possible breaking of the surface of the siding. Materials or objects to look out for are a bicycle or a rake that could easily fall and knock into the siding.

Maintain during extreme weather

If the siding of your home is not properly maintained during extreme weather, then the color can be easily tarnished and the integrity of the siding itself may not last as long as it should have. For example, when exposed to extreme heat a siding made out of material such as vinyl can suffer from being worn out quicker. You should also try to keep your vinyl from extreme winds, for the wind could pull the siding off from your home entirely. For places that experience extreme weather, it is recommended that you properly maintain and clean your siding to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Check for needed repairs

When suffering from a crack or break, siding is vulnerable to water infiltration. If you experience any chips or cracks in your siding you should repair is as soon as possible to reduce the chance of further damage. Getting your siding professionally cleaned and treated on a routine basis can reduce the likelihood of such damage.

Siding is the part of your home that can exalt it into a realm of aesthetic beauty or send it spiraling down into the depths of a homeowner’s nightmare. To prolong the life of your siding you should ensure it is properly cleaned and maintained. For all your siding needs, visit the website for Virginia Roofing and Siding today!