What to Do If You Discover a Roof Leak


A constant drip of water suddenly ruins a peaceful night of Netflix movies. Your kitchen floor is wet but not from the spilt milk from this morning. That last thunderstorm did not leave your home as unscathed as you believed. You may definitely not be an expert in roofing but once you spot that roof leak, you start to panic. In the occasion that you do find a leak in your home, do not fret; here are a few suggestions of what to do if you discover a roof leak.


Perform Clean-up

One of the first things you should do is do clean-up. This means clearing and removing any items, furniture and such, that have not yet been damaged to avoid them being messed up. In addition, you should cover up those areas or items that cannot be moved. It is also important to remove the water that has spilled and leaked onto your floor and carpet. The water may cause molding in areas of carpet that are not allowed to dry properly.


Contact your Insurance

In the event that the leak has caused a good amount of damage to your home, the sooner you call your insurance the better it is. They may be able to cover some of the damage incurred to your house. It is also helpful because they can help you get started in cleaning and fixing your home.


Check the Roof

To help avoid more damage, check the roof as soon as possible to find the source. Inspect all roofing materials to ensure that they are covered and not exposed, leading to more leaks. It can also be helpful to check the area of leak from the attic to help find where the leak is coming from. While checking the roof, it might also be useful to check that there is stoppage or blockage in the gutters on the roof as precaution.


Look for hidden damage

Discovering this roof leak might not be the only issue going on in your roof. Look for other damage that may have started to develop over time in panels, ceiling, or walls. If you find peeling paint or cracked plaster, you might find yourself in more trouble. This roof leak might just be the beginning of discovering more issues, and the earlier you find them the better.


Call in the Expert

Once you have done your own checking and inspection, you might find that the damage is quite extensive. Repairs might include simply re-shingling or even replacing the whole roof. Alternatively, you may not feel comfortable with inspecting the roof yourself for fear of making it worse. Either way, it is time to call in the expert to inspect and repair your roof as soon as possible.


A leaky and wet home is last thing you would want. The cost of the damages and repairing your roof itself can be a bit expensive so make sure that you choose your contractor carefully. Preventing future issues with your roof may mean ensuring that the installation of your roof is done right in the first place. With discovering a roof leak, acting quickly can make a major positive difference.