What A Few Missing Roof Shingles Tell You

Just because your roof is starting to loose some shingles does not mean that you need a whole new roof or something bad is about to happen to your home. Something might happen if you do not fix the problems in a timely manner however. A few missing shingles only means that it is time to give your roof the attention it requires and that means that the spot without shingles will just be weak, the shingles are getting old or that maybe the shingles were installed improperly. It is important to remember to keep an eye on your roof to make sure everything stays where it should be.

No Shingles Can Be Dangerous

Shingles are a way of protecting your roof from weather and outside conditions; they help keep things outside so they do not get in your home. The roof material can be weak without the roof tiles, it is important to replace them sooner rather than later. The roof material without shingles can start to cause water leaks and holes in the roof, which you might not even notice until the next time it rains. Having the Virginia roofing company take a look at the problem is a great start to resolving the issue.

Shingles Too Old

If your roof shingles are starting to fall off it might mean that they are just getting old and need to be replaced. Nothing lasts forever, so it is best to inspect your roof every so often to keep track of missing shingles. The material used to hold the tabs down can just be wearing off, so you might just need to place more of the adhesive and nail it down to properly keep it in place. It might even be a smart idea to keep a record of how often you have to replace shingles for your benefit, just to see how long they last and if you it is time for a new bunch of shingles.

Were They Properly Installed?

If your roof shingles are falling off of your roof, you should see if they were properly installed. Maybe the tabs are not that old but they just keep falling off because of the wind or for whatever reason, you should see if they were nailed in properly and used the right amount of adhesive to secure it into place. Have the shingle properly installed is an important factor to getting the most out of your shingles because you do not want to create a headache for yourself because of roofing problems. If you need help with properly installing your roofing shingles, Virginia roofing company can definitely help get you started.

Missing shingles can mean a variety of different things; these are just a few suggestions of what can be potentially wrong with your roof. That is why it is so important to inspect your roof, especially after heavy storms so you can keep your roof in great working shape. Virginia roofing company does suggest to replace the missing shingles as soon as possible to make your roof last even longer.