Warning Signs of a Roof Collapse

It’s the worst nightmare of any homeowner: they return home, only to find that their roof has unfortunately collapsed while they were away (or worse: the roof has collapsed while they are inside the home). It’s something no one wants to have to live through – and luckily, nobody has to. You see, there are obvious warning signs associated with an oncoming roof collapse. By noticing these signs, you can hire a reputable Virginia roofing company to arrive to your home and repair the roof for you before tragedy strikes. Below are the warning signs you need to watch for before your roof unfortunately collapses.


Wall cracks


Have you noticed that there are cracks in the walls of your home? Then you may want to contact a Virginia roofing company immediately, because that is a sure sign that your roof is on the verge of collapsing. Especially if you notice large cracks in the walls of the home (not just small, manmade cracks a child could make, for example), this is warning sign that you need to solve this problem fast. Contact a professional immediately, and allow them to take care of the situation.


Severe leaks in roof


Roof leaks happen: that’s part of being a homeowner. If you spot a small leak here, another small leak there – don’t fret. Yet, if you notice that your roof has a large series of leaks in different areas of your home, then it is crucial that you contact a roofing company in Virginia immediately so they can deal with the oncoming roof collapse. Be proactive and do not ignore what is happening: if you do, tragedy may strike before you know it!


Deformed roof


Take a look at your roof for a moment, and take notice at what you see. Does it look you’re your roof is deformed? If you have pictures of the property when you first moved into the home, analyze them and compare the state of the roof then with the state of the roof today. If the roof looks deformed you will be able to spot the differences immediately!


Roofs can also begin to sag. Especially if you have a steel roof, you will notice it is sagging down right before the roof is about to collapse. If you are living in a home with a sagging roof, vacate the property immediately and contact a roofing expert in Virginia to fix the problem for you!


Doors randomly pop open/difficult to open


If you are noticing that the doors of your home are difficult to open and/or are popping open randomly, your first thought may be to buy a new door or repair it. Yet, the problem may likely not be associated with the door; rather, your roof could be the culprit. A door that is unable to be opened properly and/or cannot stay closed usually means that your roof is warping and could be about to collapse; if you notice this or any other signs, contact a roof specialist in Virginia today!