Top Signs You Need Siding Replacement

Are you thinking about upgrading the siding on your home but wondering if you could put it off for another year or two? Perhaps you are thinking of selling your home and wondering if upgrading the siding would help improve your resale value. Siding is a durable product. Some products can last for decades and others will only last a handful of years. Quality varies, as does workmanship of the installation. Nevertheless, there are some signs that indicate it may be time for you to upgrade your siding to something new. Consider these instances.

#1: You are painting your home often

One of the key reasons when you will need to consider new siding is if you find yourself painting often. If you are painting your every five or six years, that is a good indication that it may be time for you to upgrade the siding. If the siding is chipping, pealing, or otherwise no longer looking good, the paint may be an issue. However, if you are using high quality paint and this is still happening, it could be because the siding itself is in poor condition.

#2: Your home’s energy bills are higher than they should be

When it comes to siding replacement, Virginia contractors can help you to improve your home’s efficiency with newer products. If you are not sure your high energy costs are related specifically to your siding, have a professional provide an inspection. He or she will look for signs of significant wear and tear, leaks, and cracks that can occur. If these are present or there is a lack of insulation behind your siding, you could see a significant amount of money savings by upgrading.

#3: There is fungus or mold present

If you have significant damage to your home’s siding from mold, mildew, or fungus, it may be time to consider replacing the existing siding with something new. This type of growth often happens behind siding. If you see it, then that may indicate the mold has spread significantly and cleaning it off is not possible to do. Not all signs of fungus or mildew will lead to replacement needs, though.

#4: Your home’s wallpaper is peeling

If your home’s paint or wallpaper is peeling on the inside, that could be because there is too much moisture build up in the inside of your walls. Bad siding can allow moisture to get into the wallboard. This may not be easy to see from the outside but it may be obvious from the inside because your walls are cracking, peeling, or the wallpaper is shifting.

#5: Other damage to the siding is present

If you have other significant damage to your siding, replace it. This includes holes in it, pieces missing, rotting, warping, or severe fading. If these are present, replacing is often best.

By working with a siding replacement Virginia company, you can get the like new look you need without spending any more time wondering about your options.