Roofing / Siding Services Near Northern VA, DC, and Maryland

Roofing and Siding Services in Northern VA, DC, and Maryland

There are plenty of benefits to upgrading the siding and roofing on your home.

When you replace your siding, you create a nicer curb appeal for your home. Depending on the material you choose, you can upgrade and enhance the look of your home. Upgrading to a fiber cement siding offers boards that resemble wood or panels that look like stucco.

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Residing your home will eliminate the need for maintenance. If you had vinyl siding, you had to clean and wash the siding to keep it looking new. With wood siding, you have to repaint the siding. With fiber cement siding, you will find that the material is essentially maintenance free.

Residing is a great investment for your home because of the energy savings. With new siding materials and technology, you can lower your utility bills substantially. Installing new insulation under the new siding can really cut your cooling and heating costs as well.

Today, the new siding products are much greener. Many siding products contain recycled materials. Fiber cement, for example, is known for its sustainability and durability.

Upgrading your roofing system is beneficial as well. Roofing systems vary depending on the type of building or the location of the home. Roofs can come in various shapes and are made from various materials. The main objective for upgrading your roof is to protect the home from weather elements, to insulate the home from the heat outdoors in the hotter months and to prevent heat from escaping the home in the colder months.

There are other benefits to upgrading a roof such as increasing energy efficiency. With the strong need to save energy, roofing systems are designed with advanced technology that help lower energy costs. Today, materials such as reflective surfaces, insulating foam, radiant barriers and thermal mass components are installed with new roof upgrades to save energy. Recently, many people have upgraded their roof to a green roof system. These environmentally friendly roofs have plants in the top layer. The plant covering works to absorb the heat so that it is not passed into the house. Essentially, this is an extra insulating later that protects the interior of the home from outdoor temperatures. This reduces your heating expenses.

Durability is another benefit for upgrading a roof. Concrete tile roofs are extremely durable and are a great option when upgrading a roof. These roofing systems are known to last a lifetime once installed. Weight is the only issue with the concrete tiles. Metal and slate roofs tend to last a lot longer than shingle roofing. Metal and slate roofs are not affected by snow, hail, storms or rain.

By upgrading your roof to a metal, concrete or slate roof, you will have better waterproofing functionality. Because all of these roofs are made from non-combustible materials, they help prevent fire hazards.

If you are renovating your home and want a new look, consider upgrading your roof to slate. Slate will give the home a lot of style. Concrete and metal roofing are available in various colors and styles. On a cottage style home, wood shingles have a lovely appearance.

When you upgrade the roof to a better quality roof, you will have fewer maintenance costs. Wooden roofs can rot and have a build-up of moss cover, whereas metal and concrete roofs have no problem and are easier to maintain.

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