Repair or Replace a Roof – What is the better option?

There is no clear answer whether someone should patch or replace a roof and it all depends on the situation. For example, patching the roof may be a solution in cases where the problem on the roof is solvable like when we are witnessing some minor leaks on the roof. Although in some cases there is room for discussion whether it is better to patch or replace the roof it is always a good idea to perform a thorough research and see if the roof can be repaired instead of completely changed. In this way you can save both money and time.

Roof replacement is not always required and instead of that many roofing companies will tell you how they can fix that problem and they will do it for a price that’s many times lower than roof replacement. There are many ways in which you can tell whether some roof is ready to be replaced or it needs only patches and small repairs to function normally again. Of course, in order to be sure if you are doing this in the right way and if you don’t know if your evaluation is correct you should consult roofing professionals.

One of the main reasons why people start to think about replacing their roof is its age. The roof is affected by different weather conditions every year especially if you live in an area where the weather is changing fast like Virginia for example. All these things have a huge impact on the basic features of the roof. So, try to remember how old your roof is because roofs have their “life expectancy” too. If your roof was hit by strong winds or even some debris like fallen trees this life expectancy is reduced.  Even with a proper and regular maintenance, the roof can become too old and this is when replacement is probably the best option.

In case your roof is leaking this doesn’t mean that you need to replace it. In most cases, when first leaking appears, this is an indicator that the roof needs to be patched. Of course, in case the roof and the entire construction were flooded and the stability of the construction is compromised you need to replace the roof. Sheet metal and roofing can be easily replaced.

Even those who live in areas that have warm and dry climate need to check the condition of roofs because there is a chance of occurrence of cracks. If you notice a problem like this you must act immediately because the problem may spread under the cover and create even greater problem.

If your roof has not yet reached the expiry date, but there are some significant problems with leaking, it would be best to replace it. Keep in mind that even when we talk about replacement there is a difference between replacing the roof and replacement of the entire construction.

The dilemma whether you should patch or completely replace your roof should be answered by professional roofing experts.