Most Common Roofing Repairs Needed


Your roof is an important aspect of your home, yet you probably don’t put a lot of thought into it. The only time you probably pay attention to your roof is when you need a repair or new one. If you don’t handle your roofing repairs promptly, you could be faced with a complete roof replacement. This could end up costing you several thousand dollars. It is important to check your roof consistently for problems, so you can take care of them right away. Here are 3 common roofing issues you could be faced with.


One of the biggest and most costly issues you could face with your roof is a leak. It is not always noticeable when your roof is damaged. Holes in your roof could mean big trouble to your home. It is important to check out the signs that there is a leak in your roof so you can spot it sooner and repair any damage. The longer it goes undetected, the more damage and costs you could be facing.

If you start to see some yellowing on the ceiling, this is a sign that water could be getting into your home. As the water increases, you could end up with a hole in your ceiling. Even an inch of water in your home can mean mold, mildew and more. Other signs that you roof could have a hole in it is when you see shingles on the ground around your home or in your gutters. It is important to call a professional roofer to come out and inspect your roof for damage.


Not all roofs are prone to blistering, but some roofs can endure this type of issue. Asphalt roofs struggle quite a bit with blistering. The heat they experience can end up forming blisters. While not all blistering needs to be repaired, large blisters should be fixed in a timely manner. Improper installation can also be a source of blistering. It is essential that you find a qualified roofer that will install your roof properly.

Improper Repairs

Another common roofing problem many homeowners and business owners face is getting a bad repair job. Maintenance to your roofing system is essential if you want to prolong the life of your roof. While getting maintenance performed on your roof, you may notice problems that you had not noticed before. This calls for repairs. Before you get your roof repaired by a company, you need to make sure they are licensed and qualified to do the job. If possible, get references for previous work they’ve done. This could mean the difference in saving thousands of dollars trying to fix a bad repair job later.

By watching out for these common roofing issues, you can ensure your roof remains in good shape. Many roofs last 20 or more years, with some lasting 100 years depending on the type. By being proactive, you could end up saving lots of money and time on your roofing maintenance and repairs.