How to Tell You Need a New Roof

Are you a homeowner who takes pride in the condition of your home; if so, it is guaranteed that you take note of all the necessary maintenance that has to be completed in your home? Even in the most quality of homes can run into a bit of trouble when it comes to the roof, one of the most important and easily damaged pieces of your home. Without the proper precautions in place, you may find that your roof does not seem as sturdy as it once did; but how can you tell that your roof has reached the end of its days. The condition of your roof should be a major concern; here are some signs that you may need a new roof.

Your Roof is Old

Was your roof installed when your grandma first moved into your home? If so, it may be time to think about investing in a new one; according to the experts, the life expectancy of a normal roof extends from twenty to twenty-five years. Age has a way of wearing and tearing at the toughest of surfaces so if your house is reaching its golden years then chances are a new roof in right on the horizon.

Curling or Buckling Shingles

Another sign that your roof needs to be replaced can be shingles that are curling and buckling. The signs of this may not always be clear as it can also mean that your installed roof is defective, so enlist the help of a licensed professional when checking into this matter. If you notice that the shingles are curling and losing granules near certain parts of your home then this could be a sign that your shingles need to go.

The Sunlight is Not Coming from the Windows

In the higher fortress of your home – the attic, it is expected to have the creepy ambiance of the dark; unfortunately, you cannot enjoy that experience if you need a new roof. Roofs in poor condition tend to crack enough that it may not be noticeable to the naked eyes but you will be able to tell when you see that sunlight beaming into your attic. Not only will you deal with too much light but you will certainly be experiencing a slight dampness as well.

Missing Shingles

After large storms and other furious external circumstance, you can only hope that your roof holds up. Stronger newer roofs have a high rate of remaining unscathed; however, roofs that need to be replaced will often leave the storm with a ton of damage. Finding shingles missing in your roof is a sure sign that our roof is too old and will benefit from being replaced.

If you are experiencing any of the above circumstances then it is in your best interest to call in the professionals. Virginia Roofing and Siding can provide you with quality service that can not only diagnose whether or not a roof replacement is necessary, but can also provide top of the line installation for a sturdy and fully functioning roof.