How Do High Winds Impact a Roof?

Believe it or not, but high winds can severely impact your roof and make it where it is severely damaged and functioning improperly. The beauty of roofs is that while they are able to withstand most high winds, sometimes a high wind impacts the roof at the right angle with the right amount of velocity that it can severely damage the roof in the process. We usually see this occur mostly in tornadoes, hurricanes, and the occasional, devastating thunderstorm that crops up from time-to-time. Especially if the roof is already damaged, you need to get it repaired by a Virginia roof company immediately – or else, your roof could be the next one impacted by high winds. Below are the ways that high winds can impact your roof.


Moves materials


Any type of loose material is going to be blown off the roof if the winds are high enough – such as a satellite dish, antenna, or aspects of the roof that are loose during the high wind movement. If the materials of the roof move enough, this could damage the roof severely.


Moving the membrane of the roof


High winds can also affect the membrane of your roof as well. If this part of the roof is heavily damaged due to strong winds, you are most likely going to need a roof repair before you can move back into your home. If this occurs, contact a Virginia roof company immediately.


Blowing off shingles


Shingles can also be blown off of your roof due to high winds. While this isn’t necessarily a serious matter, you still have to hire someone to replace the shingles – and nobody wants to hire someone to install new shingles unless it is mandatory. If you believe that your shingles could be blown off due to high winds at any moment, contact a Virginia roof company promptly and allow them to help.


Wind suctions to the roof


The way a roof is typically damaged due to high winds is the equivalent of your hand peeling an orange. While high winds impacting the roof cannot destroy it on its own, if it hits the right spot – such as the edge of the roof – it can start to ‘peel’ the roof slowly until a significant portion of t the roof is exposed. While this will not cause the roof to be so heavily damaged that it needs repaired initially, high winds impacting the roof over the years can certainly damage it so extensively that you need a Virginia roof company to arrive and fix the problem.


Allows rain to enter in


If the roof is indeed ‘peeled’ back, this can eventually cause rain to enter into the home on a regular basis. If you are already a homeowner, you know that once water damage occurs inside the home, if it is not treated properly and quickly, this can result in the growth of mildew and mold. Contact a roofing company in Virginia before this occurs to solve the problem once and for all!