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Whether it is time to sell your home or buy a new home, a professional home inspection from Northern Virginia Roofing & Siding Company is an unavoidable aspect of any real estate transaction! Not only will it tell you what the home is worth but it will also put a price on all necessary repairs needed in the home to restore it to new. This will allow for the home buyers to account for repair in their budget and avoid any unexpected surprises in the end. While hiring a professional certified inspector from Northern Virginia Roofing & Siding Company for this job is important, it is also important to have some knowledge about what to look for yourself. One of the most common oversights when buying a new home is the lack of proper installation. Too often installation is either missing or has been damaged. A lack of proper installation can lead to several home issues that can cause a new homeowner time, money, and many uncomfortable nights.


Signs & Problems Associated with Improper Insulation:

  • Unusually high energy bills.
  • Unpleasant smells of mold and mildew.
  • Cold and drafty rooms.
  • Roof leaks and other structural damage around the house.
  • Extra hot walls.
Missing insulation will lead to a drafty home and it can make it extremely challenging to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Misplaced insulation can allow hot air from your attic to heat your walls which warm up the room, creating a need for more air conditioning. Missing insulation can also let cold air and wind to penetrate your home, creating a need for more heat to keep your family comfortable. Water damage can lead to wet insulation that will mold over time and simply damaged insulation will prevent the insulation from performing as it should. All of the above issues are more common than most people think. It is easily overlooked because it is hidden behind the walls.

We Optimize Your Home’s Insulation – North VA, MD, DC

When Northern Virginia Roofing & Siding Company comes to do your home inspection, you can rest assure that everything will be checked and accounted for including home insulation. We use the latest technology in finding damage, areas of potential concern, and anything that was improperly installed.

When specifically looking at insulation, our experienced and certified staff of home inspectors use instruments such as infrared cameras which show us the inside your walls, ceilings, and floors without having to remove anything! Infrared scanning can detect moisture, damaged and missing insulation. The temperature of the area will show up a certain color in our scan of the area.

Now that you have the knowledge to keep you from buying a home that is poorly insulated here are some tips below on other home inspection ideas to look for yourself!

  • Do a ‘walk through’ and a ‘walk around’ the house. Doing a simple walk around will alert you of any obvious spots of the house that may be breaking down. Check every side of the home, and even taking a few steps back to get a better view of the house as a whole. Even try looking at the house from the curb. Even try looking at the house from the curb. If anything appears to not be completely level, nothing should be dipping or bowing, it could be a sign of structural damage. Also, take a look at the roof using binoculars for any visible damage like a missing shingle or a missing brick from the chimney etc.
  • Next, take a closer look around the house at the exterior. Look for discolorations; water damage can cause wood to rot and dark spots in paint. Check any brick structures for damaged areas like spots where mortar is chipping away, bricks that don’t look stable, and even missing bricks. Make sure to also check the foundation as well for any cracking. Also, check all of the home siding to make sure that it isn’t sagging, loose, or not level.
  • Check the fit of all doors and windows to make sure that when shut there is no air or light shining through. Don’t be afraid to put your head level to the ground from a few feet away to see if light is coming through, you may be surprised. Make sure to also check if they also open and close properly without any problems.
  • Inside the home check for any areas of the floors and ceilings that aren’t level. Check for missing areas and discoloration throughout the walls and ceilings as well. Problems in these areas can be a sign of damaged structure or poor craftsmanship.
  • Inspect the electrical wiring of the home by testing all of the lights, checking outlets for visible issues, check breaker boxes for damage, and also check the heating and cooling units for damage. Aged heating and cooling units can also deduct from the home’s asking price.
  • Inspect plumbing areas for corrosion, dripping, and spots from past leaks. Make sure to turn on the water when checking it and also observe the water pressure. The pressure should be about the same throughout the house. Poor water pressure may require repairs.
  • Check all of the home appliances, if they are outdated, it should bring the value of the home down.

For questions and more information or if you would like to schedule a professional home inspector for a home that you are selling or looking to buy, call us at 703-665-3525 today. We Service the following areas for home inspections, roof inspections, and home insulation inspections: Arlington County, Fairfax County, Oakton County, McLean, Clifton, Fairfax Station, Great Falls, Oak Hill, Ashburn, Falls Church, Alexandria, and Burke Virginia. 


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