Do I Need To Clean My Roof?

The roof is probably one of the most important component part of your home. It keeps you safe and dry, so it is important to make sure it is in good enough shape to handle the job. So how do you know if you should clean your roof? Here are some reasons why you should take the time to clean your roof.

Prevent Damages

You should clean your roof or hire the help of a professional to prevent damage caused by different types of critters. Tiny organisms and living creatures eat the product from your shingles. This product is a bacteria built up, that moisture and debris creates on your roof invite. This also ultimately damages your roof. To prevent this kind of damage, it’s important to clean and care for your roof.


Not only does this moisture invite small pests, but it can invite bigger ones as well. Pests such as birds, raccoons, and others feed off of these smaller organisms and bugs. By taking the time to avoid this problem by making sure your roof is clean year round. You can protect you and your family from these potentially dangerous creatures.

Insurance Proposes

It’s also important to clean your roof because insurance companies can cancel your homeowner’s policy if it is dirty. Often times you are given a short amount of time in order to get the roof cleaned. Fortunately, to keep your agreement, you can simply have your roof cleaned.

Utility Cost

Another reason to clean your roof is because of the costs. Your roof is meant to keep your house warm when it’s cold outside and cool when it’s hot outside. If your roof is dirty, the roof isn’t able to absorb the heat or deflect the sunlight. This could be making your electric bill higher than it should be.

A professional cleaner, like VA Roofing, can save you money instead of having to reroof. Instead of paying tons of money to redo your roof, simply call a professional to clean it. Not only will this save you money, but it will also save you time.




Cleaning your roof can also add to the overall appearance of your home. If you have a dirty roof, potential buyers aren’t going to be impressed. Take the time and have it cleaned so you can sell your home faster. Buyers want the perfect home, so it’s important to get rid of all the limitations when possible.


If your roof isn’t really dirty or just has some build up left from over the winter seasons, then you still might want to clean your roof. Once there’s a little build up of dirt and grime, then it won’t take long for it to get worse.


As you can see, cleaning your roof is beneficial to your house in many ways. It can keep your house at the proper temperature, save you money, and ensure a well-maintained house. Hopefully these reasons are enough to convince you to take the time and get your roof cleaned.