Blocking Out a Timeframe For Siding Replacement

Once you decide to go forward with siding replacement in Virginia, you may be curious how long the process will take. This will depend on a lot of variables, and can vary from a few days to a few weeks. Below are some factors that will influence how long your siding replacement project will take.

Type of Siding

The biggest factor that will affect how long your siding replacement will take is the type of siding that is being removed and added. For example, vinyl is the fastest to both remove and apply, so a house with vinyl siding being replaced with vinyl siding will be done much faster than a house with wood siding being replaced with vinyl siding, only because the wood is harder to remove. You should also keep in mind that wood siding usually needs to be painted or stained once it is installed, and this can add several more days to your project.

Ordering Delays

Falling under a similar heading as the type of siding, ordering times can play a large part in how long your siding replacement in Virginia will take. If you choose a color of vinyl siding that happens to be on backorder, you may need to be prepared to wait a few weeks before your project can even begin. Most siding replacement contractors will not even begin removing the old siding until the new siding has arrived, because if the new siding takes longer to arrive than anticipated, your home could be exposed to the elements for days or weeks. These delays can also apply to paint colors, if you are working with wood siding. Speak with a representative from Virginia Roofing to find out what brands often suffer backorders, and you can decide if you would rather get the work done as soon as possible, or possibly have to wait to get the color and siding style you really want.

Size of House

This should be obvious, but the size of the house plays a large role in how long the siding replacement in Virginia will take. Of course, even a large home may not be completely covered in siding, so a small home that is 100% covered in siding may actually take longer than a large home that is half brick. The landscaping around the house can actually influence the work as well, as trees and plants that the contractor has to work around can make things a little more difficult.


As much as your contractor will try to give you an accurate estimate for the time frame of your siding replacement in Virginia, it is important to remember that no matter how good he may be, he cannot control the elements. If your area experiences long bouts of rain or snow, your siding installation could be delayed. This also means that the time of year can play a large role in how long your siding installation takes; spring storms and winter snows and ice storms can cause significant delays, so summer and fall may be the best time for you to plan your siding replacement in Virginia.