A Few Common Problems With Flat Roofs

The repair of flat roofs is usually performed because of worn roof systems, obsolete technologies used in the process of construction, mechanical damages of the roof waterproofing systems, inadequate activates on the roofs such as use of satellite dishes and TV antennas, activities on the flat roots where the waterproofing membranes are completely exposed and unprotected etc. In some cases the tenants come up with some interesting and creative solutions who are not the best solution for the waterproofing systems on the roofs such as improvised barbecues, dryers and similar structures that can damage the roof membrane.

Furthermore, there are different types of waterproofing membranes like membranes that need to be protected because they lack UV stabilizers or different sprinklers (especially in case of bituminous hydro-insulation) and they are actually not protected. Due to this fact, it is logical to expect witnessing premature aging or rupture of this type of waterproofing systems and thus the penetration of water into the layers located beneath the membrane.

There are also products of dubious origin and poor technical characteristics that are not appropriate for the climate where they are used or simply products that don’t contain chemical elements that are essential to the roof waterproofing membranes’ ability to withstand dozens of years on the roof without any deformation and damage. Another common cause of damages on flat roofs is the poor technical characteristics of materials which because of their poor flexibility and elasticity cannot follow the structural stresses that occur because of the extreme changes in the temperature. Very often we can see that there are certain beautiful plants and flowers on some flat roofs and even small trees. This is a direct result of lack of maintenance of roofs usually ballast or old bituminous systems loaded with concrete slabs and/or gravel.

As the years pass, the roofs that are not maintained in the right way (or not maintained at all) create critical points where leaves and dust accumulate. Once seeds that fly freely in the air are carried to the roof with the help of winds we can expect different types of plant to start growing on the roof. Their roots can damage the waterproofing or even damage the concrete structure of the roof.

Of course, the human factor in the installation process can influence the quality and durability of the system. This is a situation where even the most expensive waterproofing products can’t help because if there is even a small error in the construction process the entire system will become useless. Due to this fact it is necessary to find a company that has the necessary experience, qualified workers and who have proper training for this type of roofing.

Damage to flat roofs caused by leakage may cause long-term impact on the functionality of the building itself, but also to other construction elements on the roof and under the layers of waterproofing systems. The most common damage and consequences are the damaged waterproofing layers and the impact on their functionality.