3 Signs Your Roof May Have Hail Damage | Virginia Roofing Repair

Hail is a term used to describe rainfall in a form of balls of ice. Hail can bring big, sometimes irreparable damage to your roofing. It can destroy crops, damage our cars and roofs. It is very difficult to predict whether we can expect hail because these formations occur in specific conditions. But, what we can see is whether the roof is damaged because of hail. It is easy to find out whether your crops or car is affected by hail, but detecting roofing damage can be a little bit complicated. However, there are three clear signs that your roofing may have hail damage and the sooner you detect them the better. This damage will only bring more trouble if it isn’t eliminated right away. Here are three signs your roofing may have hail damage:

  1. Probably the easiest way to determine whether your roof may have hail damage or not is to check the metal on your roof. For example, you can check the metal valleys on the roof or the vents. The damages on the metal come in a form of dents. By looking at the size of these dents you can determine the size of the hail. Remember that if the metal is really strong hail might not be able to damage it so don’t rely only on this indicator. On the other hand, soft metal surface will have visible damages. If you determine that there are dents on the metal on your roof you should carefully inspect the whole roof.
  2. The only option to check the roof from the outside is to use a ladder. Of course, we don’t have to mention that you need to be very careful when you place the ladder on the roof. Once you are on the top of the roof inspect the roof’s ridge cap and see if there are any damages (dents). Keep in mind that the ridge cap is most exposed to external influence because it is on the top of the roof and it’s flat so if there is any damage caused by hail then it will start here. While you are there check the shingles too. See if there are any misplaced shingles, damaged shingles etc. Even a single damaged shingle can cause a lot of troubles over some period of time.
  3. In case you have asphalt shingles on your roof you should also check whether the shingles miss some granules. Besides cracking and bruising this is another obvious sign of hail damage on your roof. It is easy to spot if there are some missing granules on the shingles even without using a ladder. The parts of the shingle where there are no granules will become darker. This means that the hail has knocked off the granules and the shingles can’t function properly. Of course, don’t forget to check if there is any cracking or bruising too. This type of hail damage can occur on any type of roofing.

If you are sure that your roof is damaged by hail you need to call a professional roofing company, such as Virginia Roofing and Siding to fix the problem. Some roofing repairs can be fixed immediately upon their discovery, but if left alone, small roofing problems can lead to larger issues. Contact us today for a roofing repair estimate.