10 Tips for Caring for Your Roof

Although many individuals do not take note of its importance, the condition of your roof is something can often make or break quality of your home. Without proper maintenance your roof can crumble under weight of Mother Nature and other external factors; these variables are unpredictable and in order to battle them head on precautions have to be taken in advance. If you choose not to maintain your roof, you may be subject to leaking, falling debris, mold, and other dangerous conditions that can potentially put the life of you and your beautiful home in danger. Avoid an issue that can destroy your home and potentially your wallet; here are 10 tips for caring for your roof.

  1. Roof inspection

More than just the seasons change with time, the condition of your roof does as well. Taking the time to look over and inspect your roof is an imperative task that is relatively easy, especially because you can do it yourself. Take special care in the spring to check for ice damming damage and in the fall to look out for debris clutter. Also check after those heavy storms for any battle wounds.

  1. Take the Clutter out of the Gutter

Clutter in your drains is a quick way to make sure that your roof will need all kinds of repair; clogged roof surfaces can lead to loose brackets and gaps that can cause more unnecessary damage. Keep gutters free of debris such as fallen leaves, twigs, and tree shedding so that rainwater can drain out obstacle free.

  1. Remove your Overhead branches

While many homes are graced with yards full of lively tress, this lovely effect can be both a blessing and a curse. While trees are aesthetically pleasing, it can be tough to admire the beauty when broken pieces of wood grow to close to your home and fall onto your roof during heavy storms. You risk damaging the shingles with this falling debris as the protective coating can fade over time.

  1. Double check the Flashing

The flashing, the sealant that covers holes in your roof, is a particularly vulnerable piece of your roof. This flashing easily becomes the number one target for leaks and other sorts of damage because the old sealant is liable to dry out or become loose. It is your responsibility to double check areas around or vents and exhaust pipes to make sure the sealant hasn’t been damaged or punctured.

  1. No Wild Animals

Pests and wildlife are easily the best and worst parts of owning a home; if you are a lover of nature then you do not mind sightings of rodents and random fliers; however, if you are a home owner concerned with roof care then these crawlers are the last thing you want to see. These animals can settle on, in and underneath your roof and damage the shingles with their burrowing and carelessness. While wildlife is hard to control, constant checks should help you pull it off.

  1. Insulate It Up

If great airflow and ventilation is good for your home, imagine how easy you’ll breathe if your newly installed roof had great insulation. Your ideal situation would include having at least one inch between the insulation and the roof sheathing.

  1. Stay Off the Roof

If you are one of those people who enjoying laying you back on the roof and watching the stars then you may want to buy a telescope and try things that way. You can easily damage the roofing by putting your weight on it.

  1. Avoid Excess of Moisture

Lack of ventilation, can cause an excess of heat and/or moisture. This excess can cause rafting and sheathing to rot and roof materials begin to lose effectiveness. Ultimately the entire roofing system can fail.

  1. Watch Out For Insects

Insect infestation can be a nightmare that never ends without the proper treatment. You need to keep an eye out for any possible activities, especially termites. Sawdust, rotted spots and feces can be signs of an infestation.

  1. Enlist Some Professional Help

While inspecting the house yourself you may very well catch all the issues that you see. However, what about all the issues that you glossed over or were unable to recognize. Getting your home inspected by a professional can be a useful way to stay abreast of any serious potential issues.

Caring for your roof is imperative to the safety and quality of your home. With all these steps it can be hard to keep up with the maintenance. If you are having trouble maintaining your roof, do not hesitate to call in the experts at Virginia and Siding.